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Start creating the change the world needs.

The Good Hood is a community built to bring people like you together. It's the place where we give you the tools to create meaningful change in your community. 

Your Australia-wide ‘hood is made up of a diverse but curious citizens, volunteers, sustainability champions, social entrepreneurs, business owners and policy makers.

This is the place to help them to seed, grow and nurture change from the ground up, creating thriving communities that are connected and working together within the earth's planetary boundaries.


Why You Should Join

Changing the world is hard! 

We meet people every day who are upset about the big issues like climate change, plastic pollution and social isolation. Our members know they have something to contribute in their community, but know they can't do it alone. 

People like us get stuck, burnt out, and anxious. We stop taking action, because of the numerous barriers which exist when we are trying to create change. 

Life is busy, things are hard, but taking action doesn't have to cost us. In fact, we believe that people who join the Good Hood are taking a beautiful step to sustaining not only their actions, but themselves. Our experience shows us that working alongside others who are doing their bit, makes all our the actions more impactful as well.

In this community we provide a great mix of:

  • free resources;
  • video interviews with trusted change makers;
  • a feed of the latest news relating to the topics that matter;
  • and a place where you can share, ask and connect. 

We also have amazing new paid programs and challenges launching a few times each year that will take your action from idea to impact. 

We believe hope for a better world is an action, not just a desire. None of us can make a difference unless we take the first step.   

The Good Hood is the place to keep you feeling inspired, connected and equipped, time is ticking, let's get started...